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You've Got Maids

Franchise Opportunity

Every entrepreneur is a student, the market is the classroom, and we're all trying to learn. Frank Berger, Co-Founder and CEO, discusses some of his mentors in entrepreneurship, and what he took away from their life and words. 

Mentors Around The Corner

Many of us are lucky to have a few mentors who come readymade with our life. If you're interested in franchising, then hopefully you have a few good entrepreneurs in your life who can give you some advice. 


What Are You Worth?

Who's telling you what you're worth? Is it your supervisor, or is it you? Every entrepreneur, over a long enough time horizon, makes what they're worth. We make money by the value we bring to other people's lives. In a job, entrepreneurs feel limited and under-appreciated. The entrepreneur simply cannot accept this. 


Franchise Group Mentors

A perk of doing business within the framework of a franchise is the access to mentors with highly applicable experiences. From the Founders who conduct the training sessions, to the specialists at headquarters, to the network of franchisees, you'll be a part of an organization of people happy to give advice to you along your path to success. 


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