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You've Got Maids Training: The Making of a "Maid University" Graduate

  Meli Lussier  |    May 12, 2017 11:35:53 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities

A Maid University Graduating Class

Driven. Daring. Dedicated. Resilient. Motivated. 2017-First-Quarter-Training-Group-at-You've-Got-Maids

These are all prerequisite qualities You've Got Maids® looks for in potential franchise partners to be admitted into Maid University, our corporate maid training for new franchisees in beautiful Charleston, SC.

Let our last group of graduates share a little about their experience learning everything there is to know about running a successful home cleaning business the You've Got Maids® way. It truly is an adventure like no other! 

A Franchise Owner's Take on Maid University:

When asked why they chose You've Got Maids® as a franchise, Joe Wallman of You've Got Maids of Annapolis stated:

"I was searching to begin a franchise opportunity in the maid industry," said Wallman. "I Google searched and I liked the presentation that You've Got Maids® had online with green cleaning and some other things that really stood out to me."

When asked what they learned at training, Joe shared: 

"[The main thing] I learned this week at You've Got Maids' [Maid University] is how to set up business, really from start to finish: what to acquire, how to acquire it, what the timing of things is, how to go from nothing to 100 miles per hour right away."

And Another's...

Mike and Natasha Magrath of You've Got Maids of Chantilly discuss why they also chose You've Got Maids and what they learned: 

"We saw the opportunity — we're in the Northern Virginia market and people have long commutes, busy lives.  They don't really want to waste a lot of time on a Saturday morning. They'd rather be out enjoying life with their family, so we thought that would be an opportunity for us. It came down to several factors.  One would be the management — Frank and Cynthia, the founders and owners of You've Got Maids®, are very engaged in the company.  We just spent a week here at their headquarters in South Carolina and we spent a whole week with the founders. We learned everything from operations to marketing to how to hire."

And yet Another's...

Last, and certainly not least, Sergio and Wanda Burgos-Mercado of You've Got Maids of San Antonio share some contagious excitement about the franchise and why they selected You've Got Maids®: 

"We chose You've Got Maids® because we like their eco-friendly products.  Our maids are drug-tested and background-checked, so you can feel comfortable having them in your home...  We work for you so you can dedicate yourself to your family."

Sergio continued to describe his Maid University experience: 

"The last [week has] been full of knowledge — the processes and the pricing, and how we [give back] to our customers.  It's been a great experience, and I cannot top it."


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