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You've Got Maids expands in California, North Carolina, and Wisconsin

  Joseph Berger  |    Mar 21, 2019 3:20:56 PM  |    Franchise Opportunities,  |    e-2

 March 2019 expansions

You've Got Maids has recently opened three new locations in Thousand Oaks, CA, Durham, NC, and Hudson, WI. Leading these operations are the Slade's of Thousand Oaks, the Andreoli's of Durham, and the Moores of Hudson. Tony and Lizzie Slade are immigrants from the United Kingdom, the Andreoli's are immigrants from Brazil, and Nicholas Moore is a born and bred Wisconsinite. We're excited to be working with each of the locations and think their different backgrounds and experiences will lead to a strengthening of the brand across the nation.

A Wisconsin native, Nicholas Moore is passionate about his family, his community, and motorcycles. Nicholas is a former corporate warrior who got tired of working for someone else. He joined an entrepreneurial course and decided to start a business for himself. He's partnered with You've Got Maids to assist him on his road to successful small business ownership.

Franchise Testimonials

Andrey and Alice Andreoli are originally from Brazil, but have chosen to immigrate to the United States on a E-2 Visa. E-2 Visas are reserved for immigrants who are ready and capable of starting a business in America that will provide valuable services or products as well as jobs for Americans. Partnering with You've Got Maids checked all of the boxes and aligned with the new life the Andreoli's are trying to forge for their family. We were so pleased to have Nicole Holder, owner of You've Got Maids of Asheville, join us for the training at Headquarters as Nicole is originally from Brazil. Not only was Nicole able to give valuable lessons to everyone on the first year experience and bolster the value of our training sessions, we were also able to give the Andreoli's an ally on the team that could speak to them in their native tongue.

Training is such a vital part of the franchise process. That's why our trainings are run by founders Frank and Cynthia Berger who actually personally know what it takes to start and run a successful You've Got Maids. There are too many trainers in franchising who have limited to null operational experience. Secondhand experience is just not the same. To increase that effort, we've also started bringing in current franchisees such as Nicole Holder so that new franchisees can not only meet one of their peers and establish that relationship, but they also get to hear about the pitfalls and opportunities from someone who is in the game right now.

Tony and Lizzie Slade joined Nicholas Moore as well as the Andreoli's for training and have subsequently opened doors in California. Originally from London, the Slades grew tired of rain and grey skies and opted for a move to southern California. Their office services much of Venture County in the Los Angeles metro area. Coming from a background in hospitality and business ownership, we have high hopes for You've Got Maids of Thousand Oaks. Also E-2 Visa holders, Tony and Lizzie are not our first British nationals to choose You've Got Maids. Drew and Marion Denby have been operating You've Got Maids of Sarasota since 2011.

Growth is always exciting, and we're so happy to have found great franchisees to expand our house cleaning services in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and California. We are certain that these franchisees are capable of building upstanding and good businesses that will provide top-notch services, high paying jobs, and a commitment to community.

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