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What Do You've Got Maids and Mark Cuban Have in Common?

  Frank Berger  |    Dec 14, 2015 3:49:26 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities

updated: 4.2.2019

You've Got Maids and Mark Cuban?

Mark Cuban Image.jpgThe connection between the mogul and the maid franchisor

Find your passion and then build a business or career around that passion, has been the underlining theme of many commencement speakers. Entrepreneur Mark Cuban has a different take on how to build a business that might surprise you. It surprised me when I read this on Entrepreneur.com:

On finding motivation as an entrepreneur

"I daydreamed for motivation. I didn't lie to myself and talk about my passions and how if I was passionate enough about something I could be successful at it.  I was lucky. I grew up knowing that hard work and smart work has a greater impact on results than being passionate about something." 

- Mark Cuban

Fascinating. Entrepreneur Mark Cuban is zigging when most people are zagging. He is valuing working both smart and hard over being simply passionate. It produces a better ROI. There are too many entrepreneurs out there starting businesses that are based in a passion, hobby, or personal interest instead of good market awareness. Seek self awareness and market awareness. Listen to the market and it'll tell you exactly what to do. Everyone who is employed needs someone to tell it to them, entrepreneurs take the lead and listen for themselves. Explore Franchise Opportunity

Market Awareness for the Entrepreneur

It can be tough to silence all of our internal biases and fallacies. It can be tough to box everyone out and listen to the market. The invisible hand isn't loud. It doesn't scream out or tweet what it's doing or thinking. It glides through time and circumstance, steamrolling all of our fanciful plans.

Self-Awareness to Get Market Awareness

Before you can acquire some semblance of a Jedi-like market awareness, you'll need some self-awareness first. Mark Cuban obviously has self-awareness. Look at the quote above and read between the lines. He doesn't lie himself or waste time on passion projects. He puts effort behind ingenuity and pushes as hard as possible. Another self-awareness guru is Gary Vaynerchuk, aka Gary Vee. The video below is one of his many great videos in regards to the importance of self-awareness. 



How to Develop Self-Awareness

Let's see what the smart kids over at Harvard Business Review think on attaining self-awareness. They list out these five ways to become more self-aware:

  1. Meditate
  2. Write Down your Plans and Priorities
  3. Take Psychometric Tests
  4. Ask Trusted Friends
  5. Get Regular Feedback at Work

What do you think? Would you like to learn how to work smart and work hard as a You've Got Maids entrepreneur? To speak with one of our Franchise Recruiters call 843.388.7887 or click the blue tab above to fill out a form or get more information.

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