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Year end tax tips | How to avoid nanny tax

  Frank Berger  |    Aug 28, 2009 8:00:17 AM  |    Founders Blog


How to avoid the Nanny Tax:

  • #1-Pay your weekly maid no more than $28.83 per house cleaning.
  • #2-Pay your every other week maids no more than $57.65 per home cleaning.
  • #3-Find a time machine to transport you back to the Happy Days of the 1950's. That is probably the last time you could find a maid that will work at third world rates. Even if you could do that, I doubt Mrs. C would have ever been allowed to have a maid. After all the Cunningham's needed Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli's (aka Fonzie's) rent money to make ends meet.
  • #4-If you live in present day America, hire You've Got MAIDS and expect to pay more than #1 & #2.

Unless you hire a legitimate home cleaning maid service you are obligated to pay SOCIAL SECURITY, MEDICARE, FEDERAL UNEMPLOYMENT TAXES, AND STATE UNEMPLOYMENT & DISABILITY TAXES. You've Got MAIDS is a professional residential maid service franchise who insulates you from the Nanny Tax. They also do a good job cleaning your toilets.

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