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Why Maid Franchises Succeed

  Frank Berger  |    Aug 22, 2009 2:00:47 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities


"Why do so many businesses fail within a year or two of opening? Certainly one reason is the odds issue: Most people who select a category of business to operate don't have a clue about the real probabilities of success. Remember, it isn't how much you study and how long--it's also what you study and how well it can be leveraged in the business world"

Thomas Stanley, The Millionaire Mind


The other day we spoke with a woman who was looking for maid franchise services. We were the 5th call she maid leafing through the yellow pages. The first 4 had all gone out of business. All 4 maid service companies were independent start ups. Perhaps these business owners didn't have a clue about the real probability of success in the maid service industry. They didn't have a franchise to teach them what to study so they could leverage the knowledge in the maid service business world. They didn't have a franchise there to redirect them when they went off track or encourage them when they were hit with a case of the blues.

When you study the odds you learn that franchises are so much less risky than creating a start up. If you are very ambitious, a franchise still works as it helps you to leverage your managerial talents to grow one market after another. Franchise maid services are scalable!

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