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Want vs. Need|Rules for hiring the Maid

  Frank Berger  |    Sep 19, 2009 2:00:15 AM  |    Founders Blog


Whether you are a residential cleaning service owner or a residential cleaning service consumer you need to decide how you will address the Want vs. Need decision. According to Merriam-Webster, want is defined as having a strong desire for something, & need is defined as lack of the means of subsistence. Need can be a dangerous place...unpredictable.

NEED and WANT can go two ways. They can occupy the same piece of real estate or they can be diametrically opposed. My experience leans to the latter.

If you are shopping for a residential cleaning service to clean your home, you will most likely interview 1 to 3 residential cleaning services. You have your criteria before you call and if the first residential cleaning service meets all of your criteria you will most likely end your search there.

When you call on a residential cleaning service to give you an estimate you will find:

  • Residential cleaning services that want your business. This is a good thing, because they will most likely be trying to give you what you need in order to get what they want.
  • You will also find residential cleaning services that need your business. This is a dangerous thing for you and your family. If they need your business they will do whatever they can to get you signed up. They may make concessions they (and you) will regret later. They may lie to you. You may get a lower price at the expense of headaches later. You have to ask yourself…what will this residential cleaning service be like when they no longer need my business?

Residential cleaning service owners that interview prospective maids every day will tell you there are two types of maid applicants. Maid applicants that want to work cleaning homes and those that need to get a job today.

  • Prospective maids that want a job with your residential cleaning service are interested in the money, but it is not the only reason they are there. They also enjoy the act of house cleaning. The sense of pride they feel each time they leave a home better than they found it. These maids tend to stay longer and do a better job for you and your Clients.
  • Prospective maids that need a job will say anything to get a job. They will lie about their background. They will not care about your residential cleaning service clients. They will leave you in a New York minute the instant something better comes along.

Here is the thin ice part. Sometimes the same person can need the job and also want the job. My experience so far has taught me that this is a very small sliver of real estate. If you need a rule then stick with selecting those that want, rather those that need. This will save your hide more often than not.

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