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The Millionaire Mind - Millionaires Don't Clean Their Own Homes

  Frank Berger  |    Aug 24, 2009 9:00:28 PM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

A look inside the Millionaire mind "...we are not into "do-it-yourself" tasks. Those among us who are tend to have significantly less wealth than the average for our group."

Thomas Stanley, The Millionaire Mind


It makes crystal clear sense that those among us that have created a disproportionate amount of net worth have done so by outsourcing non income producing tasks and chores, like residential home cleaning, to professional maid service companies like You've Got MAIDS, the Maids, Merry Maid, Maidbrigade, Molly Maids, and MaidPRO.

Peter Drucker wrote "Your back room is somebody else's Front Room".

Jack Welch took Drucker's advice and ran with it. Welch writes..."Don't run a print shop: Let a printing company do that. It's understanding where your real value added is and putting your best people and resources behind that.

Back rooms by definition will never be able to attract your best. We converted ours into someone else’s front room and insisted on their best. This is what outsourcing is all about."


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