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The Millionaire Mind Investment Strategy

  Frank Berger  |    Aug 23, 2009 9:00:57 PM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

I like the Millionaire Minds Investment Strategy.

How did they become millionaires in one generation? "Most of us saw an economic opportunity that others just ignored, and we had a willingness to take financial risk given the promise of good return. This is especially true of the self-employed...there is a strong correlation between one's willingness to take financial risk and one's level of wealth. It is less about investing in the stock market and much more about investing in ourselves, our careers, our professional practices, our private businesses, and so forth."

Thomas Stanley, The Millionaire Mind


The Millionaire Mind knows it is tough to beat the market. If any of us could on a consistent basis out perform the Dow Jones we probably wouldn't be doing what we do. Look at GM stock over the past 2 years. It wasn't so long ago that Cadillac was the gold-standard of quality & status.

If you invested in GM or AIG five years ago you would be wishing you had been wiser and invested in something safer. It might have been a better investment if you had invested in yourself. In your franchise business. You know the guy in the mirror. You know how hard you are willing to work. You know so much more about yourself than the leadership teams of GM or AIG.

Do you have a net worth of $99K or greater? Do you have $25-35K to invest in yourself? If you are not afraid of hard work and want to talk about owning a You’ve Got MAIDS franchise please call our Franchise Approval Department 843.388.7888 to discuss your options.


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