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The Millionaire Mind and the Home Cleaning Franchise

  Frank Berger  |    Aug 21, 2009 2:45:43 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

"...realized in their formative years that they were not at the very high end of the analytical-intellect scale, yet they still wanted to become economically successful. During their school years...learned to fight for such goals even though they were labeled as having just average or less ability...most discovered that hard work was more important than genetic high intelligence in archiving success."

Thomas Stanley, The Millionaire Mind


Thomas Stanley discovered that a large group of millionaire and decamillionaires did not have the highest GPA's and SAT'S. These students may not have been voted most likely to succeed. Luckily these average students did not accept their teachers’ labels. They decided to pick a vocation in which they could achieve economic success. They found a market niche in which they could succeed and then worked it for everything it was worth.

A home cleaning franchise is a business opportunity that has very little to do with cleaning. A home cleaning franchise is a business based on supply and demand. People want their homes clean...every day their homes get dirtier. If a home cleaning franchise owner runs great operations they will satisfy their home cleaning service Clients. If a home cleaning franchise owner satisfies their home cleaning Customers they can be economically successful. Home cleaning franchises are extremely scalable.

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