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The Future Is Yours To Claim

  Frank Berger  |    Aug 6, 2010 3:33:29 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities
photo by Jackal of all trades

Many a false step was made by standing still.

- fortune cookie

Both action and inaction are risky for a prospective entrepreneur. Truth is, it’s risky staying where you are! Over the past few weeks, I have spoken with several people who are concerned about making a false step by leaving the security of their current job.

Job security in the corporate world…now that is funny. If you work for someone else you will always be at their mercy. Don’t you see that corporate job security is a myth?

True job security comes not from having one employer, but from having hundreds of employers. As a house cleaning franchise owner, not one customer could determine your fate. Sure, some of your customers may fire you, but you will never get fired by all of your customers on a Friday afternoon!

Don’t fool yourself. Don’t drink the corporate Kool-Aid. Time is running out for you, and time favors your corporate handlers. The longer you stay in their workspace, the longer you salivate like a Pavlov’s dog on payday, the less likely you will ever dare to flee your cubicle.

Be bold. The future is yours to claim.


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