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The 5 Mental Steps To Owning A You've Got Maids

  Joseph Berger  |    Sep 8, 2017 2:24:59 PM

All roads may lead to Rome, but only one yellow and blue brick road leads to becoming a You've Got MAIDS franchise. We all ask ourselves the following questions, and some of us arrive at the best answer. Your due diligence is going down this road, asking these questions. We'll see you when you get to our Headquarters in Charleston, SC for training with our Founders and the rest of the team.

1. Am I an Entrepreneur?

Some might think the first question is, "should I start a business?", but really the question is, "Am I an Entrepreneur". The reason being, if you're an Entrepreneur, there's no question that you should start a business, that's all you Can do. Dolphins swim, eagles fly, and Entrepreneurs build businesses.

So, are you an Entrepreneur? Take a quiz, take seven. Here's a few:

At the end of the day, you know the answer to the question.


2. Should I start from scratch or Franchise?

Building a business from scratch can be a fun creative process. Making it come to fruition can be costly. You're unlikely to know what's going to cost you, or what's going to work. Just as freeclimbing (rock climbing without a rope) is more exhiliarting than traditional rock climbing, it's also riskier. There are times to drive right into the jungle, and there are times to take a highway with a GPS. When you are putting a significant amount of money on the line, franchising with a proven system and a network of successful franchisees is key.

3. What Industry?

The food and beverage industry is a tough nut to crack. Some make it big, some make it for awhile, most are closed within a short amount of time. Here's an idea of why food and beverage is not the way to go:

Thrillist | Why to Never open a restaurant

Gyms can be an alluring option. They take a lot, and I mean a lot, of upfront investment. The space required is huge, the equipment is expensive, and if you're not purchasing one that's already going you have to invest in a massive marketing campaign to build a member list capable of covering cost.

Those who come to the residential maid service, first see the value in the service industry at large. There's a lot of money to be made doing what others simply don't want to do. In comparison to other services, certain cleaning services such as house cleaning garner interest in their model focused on repeat customers. We have customers who have been on our schedule for over a decade. Some services have to market for just about every customer they'll serve today. Our marketing builds our customer base and our stellar operations keep them happy. 

4. Which Franchise?

You've Got Maids has some worthy competitors. Looking across the several house cleaning franchisees, we're absolutely certain that our value proposition is better, our terms more favorable to growth, and our future a brighter place. 

Our franchising department can explain to you at length why You've Got Maids is the better bet. Give them a call and use them as a resource during your discovery process. 

5. When should I start?

The saying goes that there are two times to plant a tree; a hundred years ago, and today


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