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Texas Franchising Opportunities

  Joseph Berger  |    Feb 9, 2019 9:58:00 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities

andreas-dress-659014-unsplashTexas Great for Entrepreneurs

The Great State of Texas is ripe for entrepreneurs. Report after report recognizes the tremendous opportunity of doing business in Texas. 1851, a leading franchise-focused blog, cited back in 2012 that Texas would be amongst the best states for franchising in the years to come stating that "Texas has remained ahead of the curve with increases in population, job expansion and small business growth." The Times Record News reported this week that Texas ranks as the best state for female entrepreneurs to open small businesses. Bill Hethcock of the Dallas Business Journal wrote an article earlier this month stating that ,"small and midsize businesses in Texas are more optimistic about the global and local economy than their national counterparts in 2019". 

Why is entrepreneurship so hot in Texas? A report in the Houston Chronicle pointed out that Texas entrepreneurship is just different and speculates that entrepreneurship is a part of the Texas ethos. Back in 2011, CNN listed Texas as one of the top three states for start-ups. It helps that, according the Princeton Review, Texas' universities have some of the top-rated entrepreneurship studies programs.

Texas House Cleaning Facts

  • Over ten million people get housekeeping in Texas.
  • The Texas housekeeping industry has revenues nearing $2 Billion.
  • The median household income in $57,286 and 62% of workers are white collar.

When we build out territories, we focus on households earning $75,000 or more income. Our territory fee is built on how many of these households exist in your area. This is the normal method in our industry. In Texas, there are nearly four million of such households. Want more information like this, specifically for the area you're interested in? Start the Discovery Process, and we'll get you that information and more.

You've Got Maids in Texas

You've Got Maids currently has franchises in the Amarillo, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and McAllen markets. There remains significant room for growth in the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston areas. Furthermore, there is opportunity for the brand to expand into Austin and El Paso. If you're in Texas and are interested in taking control of your financial future by building a business with the support of a franchise, then we would love to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. We have a dedicated team of Franchise Advisors who will walk with you through the Discovery Process and will continue to work with you through your opening and beyond. Our franchise is different in our purpose. Our first location was founded in 2005 and in 2010 we realized our dream of franchising. Our mission is to "Empower Entrepreneurs to Pursue their American Dream". To learn more and start the Discovery Process, click the big blue button below and then check out our franchising portal. When you're ready to connect, we have published our phone number and plenty of forms, all of which will lead you to our team.

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