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Progression not always linear

  Frank Berger  |    Oct 1, 2009 1:00:53 AM  |    Founders Blog

maid service puzzle of complexity

Linear progression makes sense to me. Do this, that, and the other thing in sequence and you should get to where you want to be.

As children most of us played with building blocks, Legos & perhaps Lincoln Logs. Some of us used all three at the same time to build what we wanted. I thought building a maid service brand would be the same way. I was wrong.

Building the house cleaning service brand, You’ve Got MAIDS, has been more like putting a puzzle together. Some pieces don’t make sense, but you need them all to build a great maid service brand. Some parts will be easier than others. Other puzzle pieces will be missing until you find it lying on the floor.

Putting a puzzle together is very much like building a brand. You need both a broad view & a magnifying glass. You must be able to switch from macro to micro view in an instant, while always keeping the finished product pictured in mind.

I wish progress was linear, but I will have to settle for the reality of a puzzle.


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