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North Palm Beach Maid Service Franchise Mentoring

  Frank Berger  |    Sep 29, 2014 5:37:58 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities

House Cleaning Service Franchise Mentoring

When you join a franchise, any franchise, you are hoping to get good advice on how to avoid problems. In business every problem has the potential of costing you money or making you money. There are no problems that don't make an impression on your profit and loss statement.


When you work for someone and you make a mistake you hope either #1 no one will notice this, or #2 if they do notice it I hope I would get fired over it, or #3 you own it and tell your boss right away (and hope you don't get fired over it). These 3 possibilities evaporate when you become the owner of a business. Every mistake, error, problem, or fork in the road will affect your bank account so you want good mentoring from your Maid Service Franchise Representative. If you are thinking about joining a franchise in any industry, one of the most important questions that very few people ask is who will be providing the direct day to day support?


Example of North Palm Beach Maid Service Franchisee Feedback on Mentoring

Thanks Joseph, Frank and Cynthia for taking time out of your busy day to help us. I think it really helped Elise and me to better use the system. I am considering purchasing another membership so I can work side by side with Elise to better learn the system.Also, thanks a ton for the other tips - very helpful.

Cynthia - Elise LOVED it when you jumped on - I think she really connected with you and what you were saying. She kept nodding her head and taking notes, as did I.

Have a great day!

Best Regards,
Karen McCauley | Franchise Owner | You've Got MAIDS®

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Thank you Karen!

Above is an example of the impact two franchise founders can have giving direct support to the franchisee. Your the best Karen. I appreciate your taking the time to let us know how to better serve you. We don't win unless you win first, and you don't win unless your North Palm Beach House Cleaners and North Balm Beach Maid Service Clients win before you. I love what you are doing to improve the lives of your Clients and Maids. If you require exceptional North Palm Beach House Cleaning call Karen's office at 561.440.6243 or click here to start your maid service estimate online.

You've Got MAIDS Franchise Team