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Maid Service Cynicism vs. Housecleaning Wisdom

  Frank Berger  |    Oct 9, 2009 1:00:36 AM  |    Founders Blog


There seems to be a fine line between cynicism and wisdom. It’s true for house cleaning service consumers. It’s true for maid service business owners. It could be true for you as well.

How often do we lie to ourselves? We might feel that we are developing wisdom & maturity, when in reality we are becoming hardened by deep rooted skepticism. I wonder if optimism dies a thousand tiny deaths before transforming into cynicism?

We’ve heard it in the tone of some prospective housecleaning customers…an edge to their voice that indicates they’ve been burned many time before by independent maids or poorly run maid services. They judge all maid services by their past experiences. It’s not fair, but we understand their maid service cynicism. You’ve Got MAIDS feels their pain.

One would think maid service cynics would give up on maid services altogether, but the ones we have spoken to haven’t committed to that. Possibly they take pleasure in their pessimism.

Maid service cynics are convinced they can’t trust another house cleaning service. If these maid service cynics had the power of conviction, they would stop trying on new maid services and commit themselves to cleaning their own toilets, showers, and baseboards. Then they would be wise, at least in their own eyes.

A truly prudent individual judges each human being on his or her own merits. A wise person knows that God creates each person, one at a time, and that is how they should be judged. If you think about it, cynicism is no different that sexism, ageism, or racism. Maid service cynicism is prejudice, pure and simple.

At the professional home cleaning franchise, You’ve Got MAIDS, we encourage prospective maid service Clients to look at us with fresh eyes. Every day our maid service franchise rededicates ourselves to fulfilling our mission to be Americas Finest Maid Service. Since our maid service is a collection of human beings we can’t always be perfect, but then again, neither can you.


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