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House Cleaning & Maid Service Feedback Systems

  Frank Berger  |    Sep 8, 2009 1:00:28 AM  |    Founders Blog

feedback loop

Your house cleaning company should have a feedback system. Feedback is the signal that is looped back to control a system within itself. This loop is called the feedback loop. A control system usually has input and output to the system; when the output of the system is fed back into the system as part of its input, it is called the feedback.

Some maid service bosses hold back giving their cleaners feedback. Who knows why? I guess we are all wired a bit different. I like to share it. The good stuff I share publicly at the morning maid meeting. A wall of fame is a great motivator for your house cleaning team, but I would shy away from a hall of shame. Negative feedback needs to be presented to the cleaner in private.

The important thing is to do it quickly. Feedback has an expiration date, so don't let it spoil on a shelf. Used correctly feedback can change the character of your maid service franchise…used incorrectly it will have the same effect. As with most things the choice is yours.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

Feedback should be specific. Shine a spot light on the topic. Allow the light to linger a few seconds in silence while it sinks in. If it is good feedback just watch the recipient begin to glow. If criticism is on the menu, let it marinate a few awkward seconds of silence for the best results.

Next give the feedbackee a chance to talk. Draw them out if needed. Feedback is a great opportunity to really hear each other. Open lines of communication will lead to advancements in understanding. It is the feedback loop after all, not a managerial one way street.

At You’ve Got MAIDS our feedback loop starts and ends with our Customers. Without a Clients feedback through our web site's automated Feedback Button, we are flying blind.

Do your house cleaning Clients keep you on a straight path? If not ask them for feedback on your maid service. Let their cleaning feedback guide your steps.


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