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House Cleaning Franchise Honored

  Frank Berger  |    Apr 7, 2015 4:19:48 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

Entrepreneur Magazine Part of Your Due Diligence

I always wanted to own my own business, but I had no idea how to accomplish this. No one in my family had ever owned their own business, so I went to college to learn how to become an entrepreneur. I tried to glean what I could from studying marketing, accounting, economics, finance and statistics...but those classes didn't show me the complete picture that I wanted or needed. It was about that time, back around 1983, that I discovered Entrepreneur Magazine, and I became an instant fan. A few years later I bought my first franchise.

Entrepreneur Magazine has opened up a portal for business fans to learn from those who chase their entrepreneurial dreams. The real secret is that when you are an entrepreneur you are betting on yourself, and as far as I'm concerned that's a safe bet. You know everything about yourself. You know your past history of getting results in the face of adversity. You know how hard you are going to hustle. You know if you are the type of person that gets up when after being knocked down. You know if you are the type of person that sees mostly roadblocks or the type that see's obstacles to go around, over or through.

Entrepreneurial Dreamers

Lots of people dream about owning their own business, but few turn that dream into reality. If you are still in the dreaming phase you are in one of two categories:

  1. #1 Working toward your entrepreneurial dream, or
  2. #2 Giving up on your entrepreneurial dream

For all you dreamers out there I'm here to tell you to be tenacious. Live on less than half your salary, and bank the rest away to fund your new business. Don't ever finance non-appreciating assets (cars, boats, and other toys). Pay off school loans, pay down your mortgage, educate yourself and when you are ready...bet on yourself.

It gives me great joy that our You've Got MAIDS franchise is listed #16 in this years Entrepreneur New Franchise Rankings. Thank you Entrepreneur Magazine.


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