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House Cleaning Franchise Economies of Scale

  Frank Berger  |    Feb 24, 2011 1:00:08 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

Sometimes being part of a franchise means you get lower rates on marketing material. Here is a chat conversation I enjoyed with a house cleaning franchisee yesterday:

Franchisee: Just spoke with my advertising guy. He is going to match the price for me from now on. $235 a zone! That lowers it from $852 a month to $705 a month! Thanks for getting that deal. That leverage is what we needed to negotiate a better deal

me: $147 a month savings! That is working out well. I'm glad I have been of service!

Franchisee: Yeah that's huge. That enable me to put more in other forms of marketing...

A good house cleaning franchise will provide unique economies of scale to lower franchisees marketing expenses.

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