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House Cleaning Franchise Building Value

  Frank Berger  |    Jan 1, 2012 4:55:46 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

Each morning I wake up with an overwhelming desire to improve the lives of the You've Got Maids house cleaning franchise owners pictured above. This objective haunts me. How can I add value? How can I improve their house cleaning franchises? Improving my franchise partners businesses will effect them, their retirement plans, and eventually their grandchildren. I get it. This is a grave responsibility that I eagerly accept.

This New Years morning has been no different. I find myself at 5:30am sketching out the plans for a better franchise partner intranet portal. It’s going to be pretty cool, will improve training at Maid University™, but only a select few will ever see it. That's OK, because our franchisee's clients will see the results in cleaner homes & better house cleaning services.

Focus on giving great service. Sure profitability is important, but the number one focus needs to be on delivering outstanding service. If you take care of your customers, the marketplace will take care of you; and for our staff on the main campus of Maid Universtity™, our direct customers are our Franchise Owners.

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Frank Berger is the founder and CEO of You’ve Got MAIDS, a professional house cleaning franchise with franchise partners in Orlando FL, Sacramento CA, Freehold NJ, South Chicago IL, McAllen TX, Allentown PA, Tacoma WA, Sarasota FL, Olympia WA, Charleston SC, Pittsburgh PA, Cherry Hill NJ, Fairfax VA, Raleigh NC, Crown Point IN & Columbia MD.

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