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Good fences make for good neighbors & Maid Services

  Frank Berger  |    Aug 27, 2009 12:41:40 PM  |    Founders Blog

Some people get wigged out when they first hire a maid service.

They never thought they would be the type of person to hire a professional maid service. Now they are busy, they can afford it, and they want their house cleaned on a regular basis.

Some overcompensate. They make friends with the maids in an effort to show that they are good people, and don't look down on anyone. This almost always leads to failure.

Keep a professional distance between you and your maids. Robert Frost wrote good fences make for good neighbors in his poem Mending Wall. Perhaps Frost was questioning the need for fences, nonetheless, barriers are a good thing in many circumstances. Hiring a maid service falls into this category.

Barriers, whether made out of wood, stone, or simple healthy distance, create a boundary that makes everyone more comfortable and effective. How could children play soccer without lines drawn on the grass? Go back to the reason you hired the maid service in the first place. You wanted your house cleaned. You were not looking for a new friend.

Some maids use friendship as a bridge to poor job performance. Independent maids are notorious for this. Your compassion to their problems might result in tips, loans, passes for being late or not showing up at all. When the quality of the maid service declines, whether it's an occasional service or an overall decline, you will be less likely to complain. Sometimes this just happens. For others, it's contrived. Familiarity breeds contempt. It's also true that familiarity breeds content.

The best advice is to keep a professional distance from your maids. Better yet, hire a professional maid service and shift the burden of customer satisfaction and maid management to their shoulders.


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