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Franchising Industry Remains Healthy

  Joseph Berger  |    Aug 9, 2017 9:11:24 AM

IFA (International Franchising Association) CEO Robert Cresanti spoke at length with QSR Magazine in July to discuss the franchising industry as a whole. One of the major points that stick out, and that is relevant to those who are considering going into the industry is what Cresanti had to say about the health of the industry in regards to the Great Recession and subsequent market upswing. 

"Our economic statistics indicate that we’ve out-performed competing non-franchise market segments every year in growth, and that trend continues. We expect it to continue this year."

You've Got Maids grew it's first few offices in the midst of the Great Recession of 2007-9, began franchising right afterwards in 2010, and has grown year over year since then. Cresanti notes that the franchises that have survived these times are the ones that adapted from the experiences and figured out models that could resist downturns in the economy. 


Later in the interview, Cresanti talks about how in many quality franchises, the markets are being bought up by multi-unit owners, and therefore leaving little room for the burgeoning entrepreneur. You've Got Maids is still rife with opportunity. Though we are #187 on the Top 500 list of franchises according to Entrepreneur Magazine, we still have room for growth in most markets. To learn more, contact our franchising team, and see what we have available in your market.

For the rest of the interview : QSR Magazine with Cresanti

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