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Franchising Basics

  Britt Travis  |    Jul 1, 2014 7:39:13 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities

The formula behind franchising is simple and it works well for career changers and investors. A proven system of success means fewer mistakes. When you purchase a franchise territory, you purchase the knowledge learned from mistakes people before you have made and corrected. If you start your own business, then you have to "learn the hard way" and make mistakes, and mistakes cost you money, lots of it.

Expert Training And Support

A great franchise will typically have extensive training and support systems designed to get you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. At You've Got MAIDS, you are trained by the actual Founders of the company!!! Not many franchises can say you will be trained by the people who developed the system for success. The Founders of You've Got MAIDS are here in the corporate offices every day to answer Franchise Partners' questions and help them avoid mistakes!! Further, the existing Franchise Partners act as their own support system through Intranet forums where they talk to each other about successes achieved and challenges overcome.

Marketing And The Internet

The marketing power of a proven franchise system is far more efficient than a start up business. Professional internet marketing tools such as outside webmasters and search engine optimization are very expensive. A great franchise will provide you with your own website, website material, and search engine optimization. At You've Got MAIDS, Franchise Partners receive a fully functional website - not just a landing page that collects a prospect's information. This allows our Franchise Partners to actively engage with their clients and prospects. The Yellow Pages are outdated, everyone finds products and services through the internet these days.

With a system for success, which has been developed and sharpened over the years, expert training and support, marketing expertise, and a great internet presence, franchising is almost impossible to beat. Would you rather stay in a dead end job that makes you and your family miserable, or become your own boss who makes their own schedule? Would it make sense to start up a business where you, by nature, have to fail multiple times just to learn from your mistakes when you could join a franchise family and learn from the mistakes others have made before you? Franchising just makes sense, and is very simple!!

For more information about a You've Got MAIDS franchise, please call our Franchise Approval Department at 843.388.7887 or simply click here and take one minute to submit the requested information to get the ball rolling!

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