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Franchisee's Connected with House Cleaning Franchisor

  Frank Berger  |    Sep 19, 2014 1:50:51 PM  |    Franchise Opportunities

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Who Supports the Franchisee?

The founders of You've Got MAIDS ran the original offices, and now directly support franchisees one-on-one, each step of the way. Above is a screenshot of text messages from a new franchise partner in Scottsdale, Arizona sent to the CEO & Founder. We are proud of Tyler, and happy he's comfortable sharing victories. When I was a Domino's Pizza franchisee this could never have happened, but that is the norm is all industries. The CEO is an inspiration, but separated by layers of corporate insulation from franchise owners.

As a Domino's Franchisee my only point of contact was my franchise rep, and he/she was the point person for 100 to 200 franchisee's. While I had several excellent franchise reps, none had experience owning a Domino's Pizza store, nor were they entrepreneurs, so their advice had it's limits.

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Providing Franchisee Mentoring

Tyler wrote me on Wednesday regarding a good "problem". I was still awake at 9:04 pm so I called him back to learn that his good problem was that he was overstaffed. This really is a great problem to have, but the context of this message is that two weeks earlier he was understaffed. At that time we talked about it and I pointed him toward our 14-Step Plan to Staff Your Office which is a graduate course at Maid University. Tyler text was just following up on a problem solved, and proves our systems work!

Celebrating Franchisee Success

I love that Tyler feels comfortable texting me directly to share his victories. Adding 4 recurring clients in 48 hours is something to be proud of. If you could keep that pace up you would have 728 recurring clients at the end of one year...that is a crazy big number! Even if you added only 1 recurring client every 48-hours that would be an additional 182 recurring clients at the end of a year...and that would be AWESOME!

Need Scottsdale AZ Maid Service?

If you need Professional Scottsdale AZ House Cleaning Services call Tyler at 480.969.6243. You've Got MAIDS goes to great lengths to vett our applicants so only the best possible cleaners are admitted into Maid University, which is our proprietary training program. Once they graduate, your maids training doesn't end because we constantly coach your house cleaners, and make sure they are giving exceptional house cleaning services.

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