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Franchisee to Franchisor

  Joseph Berger  |    Dec 11, 2017 3:06:16 PM  |    Franchise Opportunities

2014 You've Got Maids Convention


The first You've Got Maids® unit was founded by my parents, Frank & Cynthia Berger, in 2005 in Orlando, FL. Prior to that they had found great success as franchisees in the pizza industry. Given their success, and a desire to have a more family friendly lifestyle, they left pizza and went into early retirement in their late thirties. Like many people who find themselves in such a position, they were bored in such early retirement and soon began looking for new opportunities. 


After looking around for some time, Frank heard about maid service, and the incredible opportunity in the industry of professional house cleaning. He began researching the industry dilligently, reaching out to successful entrepreneurs all over the country, trying to figure out what exactly made a maid service successful. Realizing that their best fit in business was coaching other entrepreneurs on how to be successful, they decided to start a business that eventually they would franchise themselves. This brings us to Orlando in 2005. Our marketing worked right out of the gate, and I found myself next to Frank cleaning houses


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Soon enough we had built the best cleaning team in Orlando and the business began to hum along. Knowing that multi-unit businesses would be a part of our franchise, we test ran the process, and moved to Charleston, SC in 2007 and opened our second location. In 2010, we shifted to the goal of becoming franchisors, five years after opening our doors in Orlando. Since then, we've grown coast to coast, north to south, with franchises from all walks of life and backgrounds. 


There's no hidden formula to our success, no secret sauce. We treat people the way we would to be treated, and we truly believe in the value of what we do. Starting a business can nerve-wracking for many reasons, but with You've Got Maids you'll have a franchisor behind you that truly believes in the potential for success and is excited about the process. If you choose to franchise with You've Got Maids, we'll share all of the best practices that Frank & Cynthia found through decades of personally running businesses, as well as all of the great ideas our franchisees have had henceforth. We're never done improving, and we're looking for rock star franchisees to join our team. If you're interested in joining the team, click the link below, and begin discovering what's here for you. 


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