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Franchise Consultants, Franchise’s and You

  Frank Berger  |    Feb 8, 2011 12:57:28 PM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

Entrepreneurs searching for the perfect franchise are weary of getting calls from brokers who seem to be only interested in steering you toward certain franchises. Brokers will not guide you toward a franchise for which they have no commission agreement. Therefore, anyone looking for a franchise who uses a franchise broker is putting their lives, literally the next 10 years of their lives, in the hands of a broker with an agenda.

Are You Looking For A Franchise To Invest In?

Do yourself a favor. When you click on the company on Franchise Gator, Franchise Direct or other franchise portals, and the company calls back, make sure you are talking to an employee of the franchise you are interested in. Most of the time you are talking to the independent broker that is paying for the advertisement.

Not All Franchise Brokers Are Bad

I don’t want to put down all brokers, but some of our franchisee’s have told me stories of the franchise brokers they have dealt with before finding You’ve Got MAIDS. Often the advice offered by the so call franchise consultant are suspect at best.

Do yourself a favor. Deal with the franchise’s you are interested in, one on one. They will be with you for the next ten years. The independent franchise consultant will only be around for as long as it takes your check to clear.

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