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E2 Investment Visa For UK Citizens Immigrating to Florida USA

  Frank Berger  |    Oct 8, 2009 1:00:49 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

Here is what I gleaned from this E2 INVESTMENT VISA video:

E2 INVESTMENT VISA requirements:

  • You have to invest at least $100,000. This is not written anywhere in the law, this is based in practice.
  • Than $100,000 must be full equity from your pocket. Not financed money.
  • You need to invest that $100,000 in an active business. It cannot be a passive business. For example, you can't just invest it in the stock market (and that might be a good thing right now).
  • You must invest your $100,000 in a business that requires your day to day management.
  • Lastly they want to see that you have an independent source of income from the business -or- that within the first year or so you create at least one American job.

If you meet these criteria, you should be able to get your E2 INVESTMENT VISA. This kind of visa covers the entire family. Everyone in your family will have the full rights of an American resident. Your children will be able to attend American schools. The E2 INVESTMENT VISA is as good as long as the business is good. Theoretically you could live here for the rest of your life so long as the business in running.

You've Got MAIDS might just be the right choice for you and your family. You've Got MAIDS is a professional residential maid service franchise.

The following Florida Markets are available for UK E2 INVESTMENT VISA Immigrants:


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