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Dream Big in the Cleaning Industry

  Joseph Berger  |    Dec 20, 2017 12:00:00 PM  |    Franchise Opportunities



Entrepreneurs are by nature dreamers. They see the opportunity in the  market and spring forth to built what doesn't currently exist. This spirit of entrepreneurism is what energizes and motivates the staff here at You've Got Maids® Headquarters in Charleston, SC. There are many great and exciting reasons to get into the residential cleaning industry, but amongst them is the scalability factor. Founders Frank & Cynthia Berger were particularly excited about the opportunity house cleaning operations create for multi-unit success. They founded the first unit in Orlando, FL and the second unit was opened hundreds of miles away in Charleston, SC. Through this experience You've Got Maids forged the systems for success in regards to managing managers and finding away to remotely operate a location. 


So, not only to we have the experience so as to be able to coach our franchisees on how to progress to being multi-unit franchisees, but our industry has some factors that make this opportunity uniquely realistic. Chief amongst them is the natural low barriers to entry. Building a second, third, and so on is relatively inexpensive when compared to pretty much anything in the food and beverage, automotive, and fitness industries, to name a few. There's simply less resources to purchase and the real estate needs aren't as expensive. 


To top off all of this, You've Got Maids currently doesn't charge a franchisee fee on additional territory. The franchise fee is the flat part of the initial expenses to the franchisor . The other part of the initial expenses to the franchisor is the territory fee which is relative to the size of the decided upon territory. To get an idea of how much that might be in your area of interest, contact our franchise development team to see what the initial costs of running a You've Got Maids would be for you. If you are a veteran of the U.S. Military, then make sure to notify us at some point in the discovery process so that we can be sure to give you our substantial veterans discount. 


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