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Creating an Open MIND Policy

  Frank Berger  |    Oct 14, 2009 1:06:34 PM  |    Founders Blog

Some companies establish an open door policy. A smaller group inside this group will actually take the doors off the hinges to make their point. Scott Ginsberg, aka the Name Tag Guy, challenges his readers to forgo the open door policy, and to create an open mind policy.

For some things an open mind is good; for other bad. Perhaps you singed off your eyebrows because you wanted to be open minded about your choice of charcoal grill accelerant. Once you learn that gasoline is not the same as lighter fluid, it would be best to close your mind on that topic.

I want to keep an open mind on how to improve our operations at You've Got Maids. If we can improve our maid services to our house cleaning clients, the opportunity to our maids, or the profitability to our franchise partners I want to keep my mind open mind for that.

A WORD OF CAUTION. An open mind is vulnerable to temptation. Temptation to take short cuts that undercut the value you are working to build into your brand & relationships. In order to create a great franchise, the leader needs to discern which areas of his or her mind are nonnegotiable.


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