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Cleaning House vs. House Cleaning Franchise

  Frank Berger  |    Apr 27, 2011 12:47:08 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities

There is someone out there telling people that they can start a cleaning business for a hundred dollars, and they would be more than willing to send you instructions for just $29.99. So much for the hundred dollars!

If your goal is to clean houses yourself, and use your customers’ equipment to do it, save yourself the $29.99 and start knocking on doors today. With a little good luck and a lot of hard work you could put in 35 to 40 hours of house cleaning a week earning $500 to $800.

The positives are you are working for yourself.

The negatives are you are all by yourself. The type of Clients that will be attracted to you will be most interested in low prices; they know you are not paying taxes or insurance so they expect to pay less for your services. You will not build up a business that you can sell...you just built yourself a job. You will be out of business if you ever get hurt, or if you ever get tired of all that cleaning.

The person that is interested in cleaning houses is not a good fit for a professional house cleaning franchise. Likewise, the person who is comparing professional maid service franchises for the best cultural fit, would never be satisfied cleaning homes on their own.

For more information on a You’ve Got MAIDS House Cleaning Franchise call our Franchise Approval Department at 843.388.7887 or fill out this franchise introduction and we will call you.


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