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Bunker Mentality & the Independent House Cleaner

  Frank Berger  |    Jan 1, 2011 9:33:55 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

Many independent housecleaning companies today have developed a bunker mentality, and are barely scraping by. They are having difficulty managing their malcontent maids, serving their demanding clients, and growing their business. There is no one in their corner, and they perceive everything around them as a threat. Most will shut their doors within the next six to twelve months…that’s a fact. Sure there are exceptions to the rule, but it is true that the majority of new non-franchise house cleaning services will not celebrate their second anniversary.

If this describes you, I have a solution for your independent house cleaning company. Here’s what you can do:

Sell Your House Cleaning Business

There is nothing wrong with cutting your losses. Find a business broker to help you sell your cleaning company. Even if your independent house cleaning business is not worth much, you have learned a ton. That knowledge will make you a richer person if you let it. It is true, failure makes for excellent fertilizer…learn from your failure.

Abandon Your Housecleaning Business

This is what most start up independents do when they learn their business is too small for a business broker to list. Most business brokers won’t give you the time of day if they can’t make a minimum of ten grand for selling the business. Don’t be upset with the business broker…they deserve to make a living for what they do. Be upset with yourself for not scaling your house cleaning business to a high enough volume to sell. This is the point when most independent house cleaners disconnect their cell phones. If you have a You’ve Got MAIDS nearby contact us…we have a program in place that can help you, your clients, and your housecleaners.

Join a House Cleaning Franchise

While you were in the bunker, you saw all those successful house cleaning franchises as threats. You would drive by their offices and wonder what they were up too. You wondered how come they seemed to have so much more business than you. If you can’t beat them, consider joining them. There is no shame in changing course, or joining a winning team.

Create a list of all the house cleaning franchises in your area, then go on Google and search for all the house cleaning franchises out there. Contact the cleaning franchises that are not in your area, and begin your due diligence research. You’ve Got Maids is a housecleaning franchise that might be a good fit for you.

House Cleaning Franchise Have Cracked the Code on Maids

As an independent house cleaning company owner, you have not had the training, and even more important, the ongoing consultations to crack the code on the techniques necessary for leading great maid teams. House cleaning franchises don’t view their maids as malcontents…they have proven processes & systems in place to attract, train and retain excellent house cleaners. You’ve Got MAIDS actually has a program set up to waive the franchise fee for maids that work their way up through the ranks. Now that is real opportunity; no wonder their maid staff is better than yours.

House Cleaning Franchises Have Cracked the Code on Clients

If you find yourself not loving your house cleaning customers, you may be suffering from bunker mentality. You think they are out to get you, but what they really want is a clean house. Being part of a successfully housecleaning franchise will teach you how to form better relationships with your customers. House cleaning franchisees know that if you don’t love your clients, someone else probably will.

Cut Your Losses

It may be time to cut your losses and move on. Your independent house cleaning company has lost money, and single-handedly you are not in the best position to win back your losses. By trying harder, you may be digging yourself in deeper. Escape the bunker by reversing course and cutting your losses.

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