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Advertising Attention Deficit Disorder & the House Cleaning Franchise – Part II

  Frank Berger  |    Jun 21, 2010 4:00:31 AM  |    Franchise Opportunities

Your new residential cleaning service franchisee has just opened its doors and you are eagerly waiting for your first customer to call. This is an exciting time! Everything is ready…you have equipped your office, executed your pre-launch marketing plan, hired & trained your first maid team on the art of exceeding clients home cleaning expectations, and now you find yourself focusing on the phone. Ring phone, ring!

Finally, the telephone starts to ring, and ring it does, one after another. You eagerly greet each phone call only to speak with an advertiser that is interested in you and your new house cleaning service franchise. They don’t want to purchase maid services, no they want to help you. They ask you if you have enough customers and other silly questions. Being a polite person who has never experienced this phenomena, you begin giving away your time to these cold calling salespeople.

When your first customer calls, that prospect will most likely go straight to voicemail because of all the well intending advertisement salespeople you will be speaking with! Let’s not forget why you decided to go into business for yourself…it wasn’t so you could become a income source for cold calling salespeople.

Do yourself a favor. Get good at not giving your time away. Guard your precious energy. Don’t let salespeople burn you out!

Set up a separate email just for solicitations and then give it to these salespeople if you are even remotely interested. Instruct them to email their pitch, tell them you will read their proposal when you are less busy if they email it to salesbuilding@gmail.com or any email other than your companies main email address.

Be sure to tell them that you will call if you have any interest or questions. Then tell them you are very busy and ask them to make all future contact via email. Don’t forget this step…be very clear…don’t call me.

Lastly, set up an auto-responder at that email reinforcing that you have received their information and will call them if you have any questions.

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