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Advertising Attention Deficit Disorder & the House Cleaning Franchise – Part I

  Frank Berger  |    Jun 19, 2010 2:59:03 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

It’s entertaining to watch a new business owner who is suffering from AADD. They run around like a dog chasing squirrels…a whole lot of activity, but nothing of consequence gets done.

New professional house cleaning services business owners sometimes suffer from AADD, Advertising Attention Deficit Disorder, at alarming rates. Whether it begins when the eager entrepreneur files for his business license, or when she registers for her EIN, at some point the new capitalist gets on “the list”.

The list is a directory of every new small business, and advertisers pay for the privilege to harass (pronounced solicit) the members of that list. Advertisers know that since this is a new business, chances are the CEO, the person who can make buying decisions, will be answering the phone. It is a cold calling salesperson's fantasy!

Those that suffer from AADD become disoriented, and they will forget why they purchased the phone in the first place…it was so their customers and prospective customers could call for service.

You don’t need to see dorsal fins circling the new business to realize that advertisers smell blood in the water…it can become a feeding frenzy if the new maid service franchise owner does not heed my advice.


Continued - Advertising Attention Deficit Disorder & the House Cleaning Franchise – Part II


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