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6 Rules for CEO'S

  Frank Berger  |    Jul 9, 2009 12:00:19 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities


Peter Drucker published an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal entitled Six Rules for Presidents. ("Drucker on Management: Six Rules for Presidents" Sep 22, 1993 Sec: A p:20)

Druckers 6 Rules could just as easily apply to CEO'S of businesses both large and small. Drucker states "even the most powerful lost effectiveness as soon as they violated these rules". Here they are:


#1 What needs to be done first?" is the first thing the president must ask.
#2 Concentrate, don't splinter yourself. There usually are half a dozen right answers to "what need to be done?" Yet unless a president makes the risky and controversial choice of only one, he will achieve nothing.
#3 Don't
ever bet on a sure thing. It always misfires.
#4 An effective president does not micromanage.
#5 A president has no friends in the administration was Abraham Lincolns maxim. Presidents are human beings, and their job is a lonely one.
#6 "Once you're elected you stop campaigning." This was the advice Harry Truman gave the newly elected John F. Kennedy.


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