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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a House Cleaning Franchise

  Frank Berger  |    Nov 10, 2011 12:46:17 AM  |    Founders Blog,  |    Franchise Opportunities

Starting a new franchise business is less risky than going it alone with a start-up, but even within that franchise opportunity there will be rough times ahead. What are you prepared to do when your new small business is not performing up to your expectations? Your ability to prosper will be directly related to how you answer these 3 questions:

#1- Will you roll up you sleeves?

Every new house cleaning franchise is going to have tough patches while they are establishing themselves, the question you have to ask yourself is what are you prepared to do about it.

I like what Carol Tice writes over on Entrepreneur.com:

Work nonstop. When a business is in trouble, you can't do a little here and there. It's going to require a 110 percent of your effort for a while to get things back on track.

There is no substitute for hard work when you need it. At You’ve Got MAIDS we discourage our Franchise Partners from cleaning. Not that we are above cleaning, it’s just that it’s hard to lead your business & put in 8-hour days house cleaning. However, when you are starting up there may be days where you should jump in to clean a home or two. If you are not prepared to do this, you will limit your ability to be successful.

#2- What can you learn from a successful house cleaning franchisee?

Forge relationships with the most successful franchisee’s in your system. Study the winners. When you are performing poorly some people might gravitate to others who are also failing…this is a mistake. You don’t need someone to commiserate with. You need someone who is going to show you what is possible.

#3- Am I good at making excuses?

If so be prepared for tons of excuses to not do whatever it takes to be successful. There is hope for you. You can stop making excuses. You can stop blaming others for your current reality. I guarantee you the minute you embrace this concept is the exact moment that you begin your climb to the top.


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Frank Berger is the founder and CEO of You’ve Got MAIDS, a professional house cleaning franchise with franchise partners in Orlando FL, Sacramento CA, Freehold NJ, South Chicago IL, McAllen TX, Allentown PA, Tacoma WA, Sarasota FL, Olympia WA, Charleston SC, Pittsburgh PA, Cherry Hill NJ, Fairfax VA, Raleigh NC, Crown Point IN & Columbia MD.

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