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    In Brea with Bliss

      John Bodine  |    Sep 20, 2018 3:09:04 PM

    Market City Cafe in Brea downtown

    What is it like in Brea

    Brea, one of the oldest communities within Orange County, was incorporated in 1917 as the city of oil, oranges, and opportunity. Already well established as an oil producer, Olinda Village in Brea's rolling northern hills continued to draw workers and it was time to organize a town and prepare for future growth. Today, Brea is a bustling, but close-knit community of almost 44,000 residents, who enjoy a high level of public services rarely found in a smaller community.

    What is going on in Brea

    There is always something to enjoy around Brea. Throughout the year special events gather people together to celebrate and renew their spirits. There are diverse places like parks and museums for play, relaxation, and discovery. Recreation classes draw hundreds of interesting participants into classes and other activities to satisfy their curiosity for learning or provide outlets for expression.

    Whats near Brea

    If you live in Brea its safe to assume you hold a annual pass holder membership to nearby Disneyland. Disneyland is only 10 miles away from Brea, so like a 20-30 mins drive. But you probably already knew that. A great way to save money at Disneyland is packing your own lunch! Another tip is save time by letting You've Got Maids clean up while you have fun in Disneyland.


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