Just like Yogi Bear was not your average bear, You’ve Got MAIDS is not your average home cleaning franchise. We get it.  Each home is different.  Every client has unique needs. We listen.  We take notes about how you want your home cleaned.  We create a custom work order for each one of our clients, and then act on those notes.  Remember, words without actions are meaningless.

Do our maids execute flawlessly 100% of the time?  I wish!  Most of the time they do, but every once in a while they will prove to be human.  That’s where our 100% satisfaction guarantee kicks in.  Please call us, or use our feedback button on this website to let us know how well we cleaned your home. Click the following link to get a home cleaning quote.

You’ve Got MAIDS® | Franchise Approval Dept.(843)388-7887

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