Choosing a qualified Maid Service is critical to maintaining the safety, security & health of your family & home. Enlightened consumers recognize that Safety & Security need to be the first criteria for hiring a residential cleaning company. Cleaning toilets & showers are important, but they should be further down your pre-qualifying checklist than whether or not your maid service is running criminal background checkson the people who will have access to your home.

Licensed A real company will have met the local governmental requirements to operate a business.  This impacts Clients indirectly, as it is more of a tax than anything else.  Being licensed validates the company, indicating that the maid service is legally operating in their municipality.  If the maid service you are considering is not licensed (this cost $100-$170 a year)…it most doesn’t hasn’t invested in  Third Party Bonding or Workers Compensation Insurance either (roughly $15,000 to $30,000 a year).

Bonded There are two kinds of bonding.  Bonding is a general liability insurance that also covers dishonest acts.  First Party Bonding protects a company from its own employees, and has no value to you, the maid service Customer. Third Party Bonding is the important insurance, as it protects you, the maid service Customer, from the negligence or dishonesty of the maid services employees.

Workers Compensation is the next pre-qualifier that need to be looked into before hiring a professional maid service. Click here to read up on Workers Compensaition Insurance.


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