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You’ve Got MAIDS Is Not Your Average Home Cleaning Franchise

Just like Yogi Bear was not your average bear, You’ve Got MAIDS is not your average home cleaning franchise. We get it.  Each home is different.  Every client has unique needs. We listen.  We take notes about how you want your home cleaned.  We create a custom work order for each one of our clients, and then act on those notes.  Remember, words without actions are meaningless.

Do our maids execute flawlessly 100% of the time?  I wish!  Most of the time they do, but every once in a while they will prove to be human.  That’s where our 100% satisfaction guarantee kicks in.  Please call us, or use our feedback button on this website to let us know how well we cleaned your home. Click the following link to get a home cleaning quote.

You’ve Got MAIDS® | Franchise Approval Dept.(843)388-7887

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Annapolis Maid Service Franchise

Are you in search of an Annapolis maid service franchise?  If so you don’t have far to look if you live in Annapolis, Maryland.   Merry Maids & MaidPro are both fine Annapolis house cleaning franchises.  A quick Google search listed a few other Annapolis housekeeping companies.  This is a strong indicator that Anne Arundel County is a great area for maid service franchises.

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Quakertown Home Cleaning Franchise Enjoys Record Week!

Congratulation to the owners of You’ve Got Maids of Upper Bucks County on their recent record week.  We are all very proud of you!

Register to win free home cleaning service from a Upper Bucks Home Cleaning Company!

Call 215.529.SUDS(7837) for estimate, or

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Kansas City Hamburger Rage


There is a right way & a wrong way to make a customer complaint. This young lady was not happy with her McDonald’s hamburger. While most of us would move down the street to the Burger King franchise or the Five Guys franchise she has a tantrum at the McDonalds counter.  Is it too late to send her back to finishing school?

Thank God our You’ve Got MAIDS Clients don’t act like this young lady.  When a Client has a concern they either call our office, email us, or better yet, enter the feedback directly into our Feedback System on the website.  The CEO of You’ve Got MAIDS reads each and every piece of feedback before forwarding them to the appropriate franchise office.  We use the feedback to fuel our Pay For Performance system to constantly improve our house cleaning services.

CLICK HERE for  information on our home cleaning franchise.


You’ve Got MAIDS®

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In our ever changing world many people are taking small steps to save our earth. You’ve Got MAIDS® has taken the initiative; we’re proud to be both environmentally friendly and price competitive with companies that are not bio-friendly. It starts off with the phone estimate. Customers prefer this convenient and straightforward method which also conserves fuel and paper. In fact, most of our correspondences are over the phone or via email. We further lower our fuel consumption and carbon footprint by having our maids carpool to your house. Green cleaning your home with microfiber cleaning cloths, HEPA filtered vacuums and non-toxic cleaning products is a step in the green direction.  After all, it is the sum of the smaller acts that gives way to the greatest results. On behalf of the staff of You’ve Got MAIDS® thank you for partnering with us in our vision to protect our planet.


A professional residential maid service is a business which provides house cleaning for homeowners who do not have the time nor desire to clean their own homes. Residential maid services have become increasingly common in America with an industry growth rate of 20% a year.


A professional residential cleaning service, like You’ve Got MAIDS®, may be a few more dollars than a part-time independent under the table maid(normally between $0.71 & $1.42 a day), but it offers numerous advantages. We provide screened, trained, bonded and insured maids that bring all of the necessary cleaning supplies. In fact, when you hire us, you can delete cleaning products from your shopping list. Also, as a bona fide employer, You’ve Got MAIDS® is responsible for withholding Social Security income taxes, Medicare Tax, FUTA & SUTA. Most importantly You’ve Got MAIDS® worker compensation insurance insulates you & your family from personal injury attorneys.


You’ve Got MAIDS® strives to deliver more than expected each time. We get it.  A lot of residential home cleaning service providers over promise and under deliver. At You’ve Got MAIDS® we want long term relationships with our customers, and our goal is to under promise and over deliver.


If you notice the maids do something that makes you happy, let them know. Better yet let us know by clicking our feedback button.  We care.  Your compliments are words of encouragement… like sunshine to your maids…they will not grow without it! Our CEO reads each and every piece of feedback before forwarding it to the local franchise office.

At You’ve Got MAIDS® we understand that communication is key, and we welcome all feedback…not just the good stuff! We carefully review and share everything with the maids in a construction manner. The good to great feedback gets shared at the morning meeting in front of everyone, and might go on our Wall of Fame! The not so great feedback is reviewed in private, and goes into the employees file.  As a company, we consume feedback for breakfast, lunch and dinner.