You’ve Got MAIDS®

Maid University

“…you pay for your training program whether you have one or not.”

ab-lu-ent [ab-loo-uh nt]

1. Serving to cleanse.

2. A cleansing agent; a detergent.

Latin: abluent (s. of abluēns, prp. of abluere to wash away), equiv. to ab- lū- comb. form of lavere to wash + -ent.  Pig Latin: abluentway

UNDERGRADUATE OVERVIEW ~ consistently training maids.

Undergraduate students at Maid University benefit from the extraordinary resources of a world-class residential cleaning institution dedicated to teaching America’s Finest Maids™.  All students are required to pass a challenging curriculum which includes Bathrooms 101, Kitchens 102, Dusting 103, Vacuuming 104, and Wowing The Customer 201.  This is offered via our exclusive intranet available at each franchise office.

Our philosophy rests on the conviction that every Maid University graduate should be broadly educated in the discipline of house cleaning, and specifically have the ability to comprehensively clean any home. We assume that cleaning techs need some guidance in achieving this goal, and that the faculty has an obligation to direct them toward this knowledge, intellectual skills, and first-class house cleaning habits.

Students graduate with Bachelor of Clean (B.C.) degree.

GRADUATE OVERVIEW ~ training for franchise partners.

Following approval as a You’ve Got MAIDS® Franchise Partner, a formal induction into the You’ve Got MAIDS® culture begins with enrollment in MAIDS University at corporate headquarters.  MAIDS University is the nation’s largest unaccredited private pseudo university dedicated to excellence in maid service that we know of.

The complete course of training incorporates every aspect of operating a successful franchise.  The faculty is both knowledgeable and patient, and understands that the success of each franchise partner is the shared goal.  After completing the educational studies at Maids University, franchise partners are qualified to own and operate their own You’ve Got MAIDS® franchise.

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