The same 19th Century American belief that these United States would expand coast to coast is alive and well at the house cleaning franchise You’ve Got MAIDS.  It is our maid franchises mission to promote and defend extraordinary maid service across this continent; indeed it is our Maid Service Franchises Manifest Destiny.

We’re already accomplished our goal of going bi-coastal.  Our Tacoma WA, Olympia WA, and Sacramento CA offices are all prospering.  Just this morning I was greeted by a prospective Beverly Hill house cleaning client.  Sandra literally lives in 90210 where Zillow reports her 2 bedroom condo recently sold for $850,000.  There is no doubt that she can afford maid service, but unfortunately she will be receiving a reply email that You’ve Got MAIDS regretfully does not have an office to provide Beverly Hills house cleaning services…yet!  Be patient Sandra!

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