You’ve Got MAIDS®


Frank & Cynthia founded You’ve Got MAIDS®.   They were born and raised in the greater Philadelphia area, and currently reside in Charleston, South Carolina with their 4 children.

About the Founders

Frank and Cynthia founded You’ve Got MAIDS® after long, successful careers in the franchise industry. Their goal is to help other people own their own business, and live the American Dream.  Frank and Cynthia’s grandparents immigrated to the U.S.A. from different countries, with barely any money, and became cleaners.  They eventually changed their family’s futures.  Our founders understand what it’s like to have the entrepreneurial spirit, but how daunting it is to redirect your destiny.  The first step is the hardest.

Over twenty years ago Frank and Cynthia went directly into the franchise sector from graduate school. Among many achievements and accolades, they owned and operated the 4th busiest Domino’s Pizza on the planet.  A solid opportunity, backed by superior support, makes all the difference.  An analysis of You’ve Got MAIDS® reveals this and more.  With each new detail, it gets better and better.  It’s a multi-million dollar industry.  The demand is growing.  A family friendly schedule is inherent.  A franchisee can leverage their managerial skills against a growing customer base to increase revenue.  Start up is low, operating costs are low, profit potential is high, and managing managers makes multiple offices an option.

No “McDonalds” in the Maid Service Industry

Unlike food service, retail, and other industries, maid service is far from mature.  Every area is wide open for You’ve Got MAIDS® to be the market leader!  This is opportunity without boundary.  Would your life be different now if you had been in on the ground floor of McDonalds?  With our proven Systems for Success, America’s Finest Maid Service is swiftly expanding coast to coast.

You’ve Got MAIDS! Born to Brand

You’ve Got MAIDS® was carefully created to attract and maintain our target demographic.  One of the country’s leading brand builders fine tuned every detail of the logo, tag line, website, and much more. The team at head quarters hosts a national call center and works full time on SEO, social media, and ad campaigns.  Frank and Cynthia opened the first You’ve Got MAIDS® in Orlando, Florida, then the second office in Charleston, South Carolina.  This is the beginning of where our support is superior.  Many franchises hire reps right out of school to deal with franchisees, and insulate the corporate officers. Not us!  Our founders run the company, personally train each new partner, and proudly provide unlimited one-on-one coaching on every aspect of running a profitable business.

If you think you would like to join a franchise that is more like a family, You’ve Got MAIDS® might be right for you.  Click here to request more information.

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