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How much should I expect to pay for maid service? Let’s start off with the premise that maid service is a simple business. It is not easy, but it is simple. In the final conclusion, maid service owners’ broker screened, insured, trained, and professionally managed maid labor. This article will shed light on this process.

Whether the maid service sends an estimator to your home or if you do an over the phone evaluation of your residence, the maid service is seeking to learn your needs and expectations. Your wishes combined with details about your home, # of people, # of pets, and how hard you live in it are the foundation of your house cleaning estimate.

Consider two neighbors in seemingly identical homes.

  • The first home is the residence of Astronaut Tony Nelson and his fiancée Jeannie. No pets, no children, & minimalist. In addition, Jeannie & Tony clean up after themselves daily. Tony knows he is extremely lucky to have Jeannie so he hires maids to scrub his bathroom down once a week.
  • The second home is the residence of Mike & Carol Brady’s blended family. Greg Brady, Marcia Brady, Peter Brady, Jan Brady, Bobby Brady, and Cindy Brady all share one bathroom!!! They also have a dog and a cat, Tiger and Fluffy. Fluffy hasn’t been seen since the pilot episode, but our maids keep finding hairballs on upholstered couches. Tiger, the dog, has the run of the house and may have worms. The Brady’s have a great deal of knick knacks that require dusting. The Brady’s home just isn’t the same since Alice the maid had a nervous breakdown and moved to Key West.  Now that she is gone it is apparent that Alice was the only one capable of cleaning up after this Brady Bunch.

From the curb, two seemingly identical homes. Maid service is a simple business…even Gomer Pyle would come the conclusion that the Brady Bunch home demands more maid hours to clean. Tony Nelson home might require 3 maid hours on an every other week basis, while the Brady Bunch needs 5.5 maid hours every week.

Naturally, initial services require more time and can be billed hourly.  After that, Weekly and Every Other Week You’ve Got MAIDS Clients enjoy a set price.

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