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You’ve Got MAIDS® House Cleaning Blog

Cats, Dogs, & Shedding

  Joseph Berger  |    24 July 2017

One of the variables in the cleaning of a house is pets owned. While Americans own many different types of pets, we mostly own cats and dogs. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 36.5% of Americans own 1.6 dogs, and 30.4% of us own 2.1 cats. In total, Americans share their homes with approximately 144 million cats and dogs. Think of the shedding... 

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How to clean your Sneakers

  Joseph Berger  |    19 July 2017  |    House Cleaning Tips

Clean Shoes

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"A Lady In The Neighborhood Cleans Our Home"

  Tony Teolis  |    17 July 2017  |    Chantilly,  |    house cleaning


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Clean Faucets

  Joseph Berger  |    14 July 2017

Every maid at You've Got Maids learns in their time in Maid University that one of the hallmarks of a good clean is a pristine sink faucet. It's the lynchpin of a clean bathroom. Can you really clean your hands from a dirty faucet? Maybe, but it just won't feel as good as washing your hands from a sparkling, clean sink faucet.

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QUIZ: What's Your Cleaning Style?

  Tony Teolis  |    13 July 2017  |    house cleaning
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Do you guarantee your house cleaners' work?

  Joseph Berger  |    07 July 2017

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