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You’ve Got MAIDS® House Cleaning Blog

Clean Faucets

  Fred Reed  |    14 July 2017

Every maid at You've Got Maids learns in their time in Maid University that one of the hallmarks of a good clean is a pristine sink faucet. It's the lynchpin of a clean bathroom. Can you really clean your hands from a dirty faucet? Maybe, but it just won't feel as good as washing your hands from a sparkling, clean sink faucet.

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QUIZ: What's Your Cleaning Style?

  Tony Teolis  |    13 July 2017  |    house cleaning
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Do you guarantee your house cleaners' work?

  Fred Reed  |    07 July 2017

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The Story Behind : Brooms

  Fred Reed  |    06 July 2017

Formerly referred to as "besoms" brooms have been around for, well, about as long as floors. Formerly, brooms were often just a bunch of twigs wrapped together with twine, and they frequently fell into disrepair. The association with brooms and witches goes back as far as the fifteenth century.

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Soji : How Buddhist Monks Clean Up

  Fred Reed  |    01 July 2017

Soji is the practice where Buddhist monks, following their morning prayers and meditation, take about twenty minutes to clean up around the monastary. The practice is such that the monk begins a task of cleaning without any intention of ever finishing. Soji is in a way an extension of the meditation, and is meant to expand the monks mindfullness and perhaps conclude whatever was incomplete in the course of the morning's meditation. At the end of the prescribed twenty minutes, a monk rings a bell and the soji is over, and the monks carry on to whatever it is that they do next, most likely breakfast.

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10 Necessities To Throw An Epic Fourth Of July Party

  Tony Teolis  |    27 June 2017  |    house cleaning

Uncle Sam's turning 241 next week. Gas up the grill, get out the party playlist, and stock up on your favorite beverages. Whether you're hosting or not, you need these items to make your 2017 4th of July bash the best one yet.

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