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4 Essentials For Keeping Your Grill Clean This Summer

  Tony Teolis  |    09 June 2017  |    House Cleaning Tips


Summer is finally here, and with it comes all the parties and backyard barbecues. It's important to keep your grill in great shape if your planning to get the most out of it this season. Here are four essential tips for keeping your firing on all cylinders this summer. 


1. Oil the grates to prevent sticking


Oiling the grates before throwing your meats on the grill will help prevent sticking and will make it much easier to clean after. It also keeps excess food and grease from building up in your catch pan.


2. Scrub the grates after each use

To keep your grill clean and extend its life, scrub the grates after each time you grill. Let it cool down for a little bit, but try to scrub it while it's still warm. The heat makes it much easier to get the grease off, and if it's a community grill, your neighbors will thank you for it.


3. For charcoal grills, clean out the ashes


Leftover ashes in your charcoal grill can collect excess moisture causing it to thicken and stick. This is going to make it much harder to clean when you want to fire it up again. It's best to remove it after it's been used. Keep a bucket handy to collect the coals and ash.


4. Keep the exterior clean

Increase the longevity of your grill by keeping it clean inside and out. If left out in the elements, rust and additional damage can limit the life of your grill. Occasionally wash it with soap and water and invest in a grill cover if possible. This will keep your grill in great shape and fired up all summer long.



Now that your grill is in tip-top shape, it's time to enjoy the weather and the good company of your friends and family. Use these tips, and you'll be the go-to grillmaster for all your barbeques. Get to grilling!


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