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International Women's Day

  Joseph Berger  |    08 March 2018  |    holidays

February 28, 1909

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When Kids Are Home Sick

  Joseph Berger  |    05 March 2018  |    home life

Cough, Cough, Cough

Being sick is never fun. Immediately we're plunged into a world of coughing, sniffling, and feeling uncomfortable. It's zero fun, and when your child is sick, you want to do everything you can do to make them feel okay while their sick while also helping them get through it as soon as possible. Kids can bounce back pretty quick, but sickness can hit them just as hard as anyone else. 

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Top 3 Pinterest Pins about Hosting Friends

  Joseph Berger  |    19 February 2018  |    home life

Having a friend over can be an exciting yet daunting task. You want to have fun, you want your guest to have fun, and all the meanwhile you want to make sure that you're presenting a home that your guests will want to visit again and again. 

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3 Pins about Sibling Symbiosis

  Joseph Berger  |    14 February 2018  |    home life

Siblings can be tough on one another, and managing the relationships between can be fraught with difficulties. Parents have been trying to figure out how to resolve these sort of disputes since antiquity. From ancient philosophers to modern moms, the best minds have pondered on how to keep the home peacful and enjoyable. 

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Top 3 Snow Day Activities for Families from Pinterest

  Joseph Berger  |    12 February 2018  |    holidays

When your stuck at home during a winter storm, the little ones can get restless. We took a look around Pinterest with the hopes of finding a couple of good ideas to add to your arsenal.

Snow Covered House.jpg

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Mottainai! What a wonderful phrase

  Joseph Berger  |    05 February 2018  |    recycling



Mottainai is a Japanese word meaning, roughly, "what a waste!" It's oftened used as an exclamation. Buddhist monks often use the expression to teach the importance of respecting what you have, whether it's something simple or sacred. There has been a revival of the expression, notably by Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai. Maathai used the term to push forward her desire to encourage greater reduction of consumption, reusing of that which we already have, recycling of things no longer needed, and repair of things that could once again be useful. Maathai said, "we should all use limited resources effectively and share them fairly if we are to avert wars arising from disputes over natural resources."

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