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How to Remove Red Food Coloring from Carpet

  Fred Reed  |    15 August 2017

Nothing can ruin a good carpet like some red food coloring. Don't fret, there is a way back from such disastorous circumstances. Just arm yourself with diswasher detergent, white vinegar, and some rubbing alcohol. 

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How To Clean Lemonade Out Of Carpet

  Fred Reed  |    09 August 2017

Summertime brings about many great things, including some much needed sunshine. On a hot day, nothing is as refreshing as a cool glass of lemonade. That being said, sometimes spills happen. When life gives you lemons, and then the lemonade you turn them into spills on the carpet, here's how to clean up:

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How Ammonia Cleans Ovens

  Fred Reed  |    02 August 2017

We all know that oven grease can be impossible tough to clean up and doing so requires extensive effort. However, placing a pot of hot water and a bowl of ammonia overnight will loosen up the grease.

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Cats, Dogs, & Shedding

  Fred Reed  |    24 July 2017

One of the variables in the cleaning of a house is pets owned. While Americans own many different types of pets, we mostly own cats and dogs. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 36.5% of Americans own 1.6 dogs, and 30.4% of us own 2.1 cats. In total, Americans share their homes with approximately 144 million cats and dogs. Think of the shedding... 

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How to clean your Sneakers

  Fred Reed  |    19 July 2017  |    House Cleaning Tips

Clean Shoes

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"A Lady In The Neighborhood Cleans Our Home"

  Tony Teolis  |    17 July 2017  |    Chantilly,  |    house cleaning


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