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Fort Wayne You’ve Got MAIDS Franchise Cleaning For A Reason

Cleaning For A Reason in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Local Fort Wayne You’ve Got MAIDS franchise owners, Michelle & Chris Wolfe, are featured in a Fort Wayne News Sentinel article highlighting her Fort Wayne House Cleaning Companies dedication to providing free maid service to women fighting cancer through Cleaning For a Reason. Well done Chris & Michelle.

Cleaning For A Reason Founder Debbie Sardone

Last fall, at our You’ve Got MAIDS National Convention, Cleaning For a Reason founder Debbie Sardone gave a compelling speech regarding the good we are doing helping women fighting cancer. To date, Debbie’s Cleaning for a Reason has provided over $4,8000,000 worth of cleaning services to over 17,000 women, and they vow to continue Cleaning For a Reason, until there is a cure.

Debbie, on behalf of all the You’ve Got MAIDS franchise owners across the nation, thank you for unifying us so that we can give back to the members of our communities that truly need help.

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Rhode Island Franchisee’s Complete Spring Training in Charleston

Bill & Carla @ Franchise Training

Bill & Carla @ Franchise Training

The Red Sox are not the only New Englanders who travel south for Spring Training. Meet You’ve Got MAIDS Franchise Owners, Carla & Bill Meehan.

Carla & Bill are the latest addition to the You’ve Got MAIDS Franchise roster, traveling all the way from Cumberland, Rhode Island to complete Franchise Training in Charleston, South Carolina. A big thank you to Carla’s Mom for taking care of the grandchildren while Carla & Bill study HR, Maid University, Marketing, Office Operations, and other essential house cleaning franchise classes.

Cumberland, RI House Cleaning Professionals

If you need Cumberland House Cleaning please consider Carla & Bill for all of your professional maid service needs.

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Scottsdale House Cleaning Service is Cleaning For A Reason

Scottsdale YMG Interview Tyler

Hat tip to Tyler Matney, the owner of You’ve Got MAIDS of Scottsdale, for being an active supporter of Cleaning For a Reason. Tyler finds it very rewarding, on multiple levels, to donate free house cleaning to women fighting cancer. Here’s Tyler being interviewed in the back room of his Scottsdale Residential Maid Service office. 

Listen to Tyler’s greeting if you would like to learn more about his Scottsdale professional house cleaning service or just call Tyler at 480-969-6243.


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House Cleaning Franchise Honored

Entrepreneur Magazine Part of Your Due Diligence

I always wanted to own my own business, but I had no idea how to accomplish this. No one in my family had ever owned their own business, so I went to college to learn how to become an entrepreneur. I tried to glean what I could from studying marketing, accounting, economics, finance and statistics…but those classes didn’t show me the complete picture that I wanted or needed. It was about that time, back around 1983, that I discovered Entrepreneur Magazine, and I became an instant fan. A few years later I bought my first franchise.

Entrepreneur Magazine has opened up a portal for business fans to learn from those who chase their entrepreneurial dreams. The real secret is that when you are an entrepreneur you are betting on yourself, and as far as I’m concerned that’s a safe bet. You know everything about yourself. You know your past history of getting results in the face of adversity. You know how hard you are going to hustle. You know if you are the type of person that gets up when after being knocked down. You know if you are the type of person that sees mostly roadblocks or the type that see’s obstacles to go around, over or through.

Entrepreneurial Dreamers

Lots of people dream about owning their own business, but few turn that dream into reality. If you are still in the dreaming phase you are in one of two categories:

  1. #1 Working toward your entrepreneurial dream, or
  2. #2 Giving up on your entrepreneurial dream

For all you dreamers out there I’m here to tell you to be tenacious. Live on less than half your salary, and bank the rest away to fund your new business. Don’t ever finance non-appreciating assets (cars, boats, and other toys). Pay off school loans, pay down your mortgage, educate yourself and when you are ready…bet on yourself. 

It gives me great joy that our You’ve Got MAIDS franchise is listed #16 in this years Entrepreneur New Franchise Rankings. Thank you Entrepreneur Magazine.

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What to Expect from Franchise Discovery

Meet Franchise Partner Keith Buckman as he recalls how the You’ve Got MAIDS Franchise Discovery Process experience worked for him, and why he chose to join our franchise.

Expect Franchise Discovery to be Transparent

The best Franchise Discovery process should answer all of your questions. It is in yours and the franchisors best interest that you have all your tough questions answered. No smoke, no mirrors, just straight forward answers. 

Expect Franchise Discovery to Reveal Culture

Will you fit in at your new franchise? Will you enjoy calling your support team? Do you share similar goals and values? If you answer no to anyone of these questions, your discovery process is telling you to move on. 

Expect Franchise Discovery to be Low Stress

The best franchises don’t employ heavy sales tactics. At You’ve Got MAIDS there is no pressure. All of our Franchise Recruiters do their best to answer your questions, so you can make an informed decision. If the recruiter doesn’t see any red flags, and you decide to proceed, you speak with me. My priority on this call is to learn more about you, make sure you are a good fit for us, and to answer any unanswered questions. 

New Call-to-Action


You’ve Got MAIDS Franchise Approval Department | 888.624.3969 | Email Us

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©2015 You’ve Got MAIDS

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Cleaning For A Reason featured on CBS in Sacramento

Sacramento Maid Franchisee Does Some Good

Sacramento Maid Service owner, Racheal Andrus, enjoys giving back to her community by cleaning homes for women fighting cancer. On this day Racheal was joined by a CBS Sacramento news crew who shadowed her You’ve Got MAIDS house cleaners while they provided complimentary services to one of their patients. 

Cleaning For a Reason

Cleaning for a Reason is a nonprofit organization founded by Debbie Sardone that partners with You’ve Got MAIDS who volunteers free professional house cleaning services to improve the lives of women undergoing cancer treatment. You’ve Got MAIDS has donated over $33,000 worth of house cleaning services to women in need. If you are a cancer patient click here for the Patient Application Process.

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In our ever changing world many people are taking small steps to save our earth. You’ve Got MAIDS® has taken the initiative; we’re proud to be both environmentally friendly and price competitive with companies that are not bio-friendly. It starts off with the phone estimate. Customers prefer this convenient and straightforward method which also conserves fuel and paper. In fact, most of our correspondences are over the phone or via email. We further lower our fuel consumption and carbon footprint by having our maids carpool to your house. Green cleaning your home with microfiber cleaning cloths, HEPA filtered vacuums and non-toxic cleaning products is a step in the green direction.  After all, it is the sum of the smaller acts that gives way to the greatest results. On behalf of the staff of You’ve Got MAIDS® thank you for partnering with us in our vision to protect our planet.


A professional residential maid service is a business which provides house cleaning for homeowners who do not have the time nor desire to clean their own homes. Residential maid services have become increasingly common in America with an industry growth rate of 20% a year.


A professional residential cleaning service, like You’ve Got MAIDS®, may be a few more dollars than a part-time independent under the table maid(normally between $0.71 & $1.42 a day), but it offers numerous advantages. We provide screened, trained, bonded and insured maids that bring all of the necessary cleaning supplies. In fact, when you hire us, you can delete cleaning products from your shopping list. Also, as a bona fide employer, You’ve Got MAIDS® is responsible for withholding Social Security income taxes, Medicare Tax, FUTA & SUTA. Most importantly You’ve Got MAIDS® worker compensation insurance insulates you & your family from personal injury attorneys.


You’ve Got MAIDS® strives to deliver more than expected each time. We get it.  A lot of residential home cleaning service providers over promise and under deliver. At You’ve Got MAIDS® we want long term relationships with our customers, and our goal is to under promise and over deliver.


If you notice the maids do something that makes you happy, let them know. Better yet let us know by clicking our feedback button.  We care.  Your compliments are words of encouragement… like sunshine to your maids…they will not grow without it! Our CEO reads each and every piece of feedback before forwarding it to the local franchise office.

At You’ve Got MAIDS® we understand that communication is key, and we welcome all feedback…not just the good stuff! We carefully review and share everything with the maids in a construction manner. The good to great feedback gets shared at the morning meeting in front of everyone, and might go on our Wall of Fame! The not so great feedback is reviewed in private, and goes into the employees file.  As a company, we consume feedback for breakfast, lunch and dinner.